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customer reach out to you from across the world

We can provide toll-free, local and international Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) numbers that your customers can call with ease. You can have as many phone numbers as you need, when you need it. With traditional phone systems, there will always be a limited number of lines you can have without upgrading with your telecom provider- and this will invariably involve massive wiring and setup costs. We can set you up with as many ‘Virtual Numbers’ as you need, when you need them. You can even add, change and reallot the numbers yourself, as well as customize their functions to your specific requirements, all with a few simple clicks on a computer. 

Take a look at the kind of services you can get with us to understand the benefits of each and discover what works for you and your business. 

Local (USA) Customer Numbers

If your company operates largely within the United States, there a number of ways you could benefit from our Domestic DID numbers-dedicated sales, technical or customer service numbers, even direct lines to departments for special needs. You could control how you route calls, whether to the IVR or to your front desk or receptionist, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction every time. Everything is in your hands, be it the ability to transfer or switch numbers between old and new employees or different departments, or simply retire the number.

International Customer Numbers

We provide as many International DID numbers that you need depending on the regions that your customers are located, which means they always have a ‘local’ number to reach you at. Those calls are then routed through to your office at the lowest or even flat rates-the biggest advantage of our Voice Origination services -and From there, be further directed to any department, IVR system or even another branch office. In a matter of seconds, your business is now engaging and building loyalty with its customers all around the world.

Toll-Free Numbers

A boon to customer service, toll-Free numbers are easy to remember and customizable, automatically elevating a business to the big leagues while boosting its repute as a customer-Friendly company. Our Toll-Free DID service allows you to make this convenient call option available to your customers, at a fraction of the usual cost. You can also add IVR and other services, like Leave Message or Call Back, and even route calls to different branches or departments within a single office. Your wallet and your customers will just love you for it.

Voice origination

Direct-Inward-dial (did)