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Technology for the very best of you both worlds

While several companies are switching to VoIP technology to replace their older business phone setups, there are others still contemplating the move. Typically, there are two primary reasons for this – either the company already has an extensive traditional phone system and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) setup in place that they
are not ready to abandon, or they simply need more that just inexpensive calling facilities.

SIP Trunking can address both these concerns, by adding VoIP and digital communication capability to your existing on-premises PBX system and bridging the gap between traditional and digital telephony. The benefits of this smarter, faster communication system will not only boost your business, but ensure that you can quickly scale up to meet demand even while keeping your costs down.

All we do is connect your existing PBX system to the internet and enable VoIP calling for your business to drastically cut communication costs.

SIP trunking

Supported Products

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

retain your number and carrier or choose from a list of our carrier partners.

What is BYOC? How does it work?

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) gives you the ability to choose a phone number carrier that best fits your business needs and plug that carrier into a call center solution of your choice. With BYOC, you can bring your existing carrier, choose a carrier from our partners, and retain your phone number when connecting to Range Telecom.

To Bring Your Own Carrier into Range Telecom, all you need to do is:

  • Login to your account, or sign up if you haven’t already.

  • Send us the numbers you wish to retain and we will generate a SIP domain to identify each number.

  • Share the generated SIP domains with your carrier to enable them to forward the calls to the right domain.

  • Set up call workflows and routing for each number within Range Telecom. You are now all set to start making/taking calls!

Upgrade your existing setup

Keep all the equipment you already have and just add the VoIP advantage with our SIP Trunking services, to experience a dramatic boost in speed, flexibility and ease of communication, all at a price that will be more than covered by your increased business efficiency. You also have complete control of your system and the capacity to scale and change as and when you want. With the assurance of lowered costs, faster processes and higher productivity, our SIP Trunking service is all you need for your business communication.


High-Quality Low Cost Calling

With your old systems in place and upgraded with SIP Trunking for the advantage of VoIP telephony, you can enjoy the benefits of both and a connected workplace. Wired to your physical hardware and powered by digital communication, your business communication will see a huge boost thanks to our global standard Voice service features, namely flexible inbound and outbound calling facilities, in addition to all the benefits of your current setup.

It doesn’t get easier than this to get started on your company’s digital transformation.

Value-Added Features

There’s more to our SIP Trunking service than simply VoIP-based calling and the flexibility that comes with IP telephony. Our service offering also includes useful features like conference calling, video messaging, text messaging, file and document sharing, to name a few. What’s even better is that our SIP Trunking service can also provides detailed analytics of all your calls, store call recordings in the cloud and lend access to several other future-ready tools. It’s all that you had with your old PBX with the added benefits of technology.


Traditional pbx updated
with Voip